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Born in Saragossa, Spain. Lives in Loiu (Vizcaya).

Professional Activity. Professor of Criminal Law at the University of the Basque Country (from 1988 to 1996 at the University of La Laguna). Director of the Inter-University Chair Provincial Government of Biscay in Law and the Human Genome, University of Deusto and University of the Basque Country.

Assistant, Adjunct and Tenured Professor at the University of Saragossa (1974/1987), Founder and Director of the Centre of Criminological Studies (1990/1996) and Dean of the School of Law (1991-1994) at the University of La Laguna.

Alternate Magistrate of the Provincial Court of Saragossa (1987/88).

Education. Degree in Law (1974), Doctor of Laws (1980), Doctor of Medicine (1991) from the University of Saragossa, and Graduate Degree in Criminology (1974) from the Complutense University of Madrid. Degrees from accredited universities in English and German.

To broaden his professional training and research, he has done many sabbaticals abroad: Bonn, Munich, Lüneburg, Paris II and Stanford (California) Universities, Max Planck Criminal Law Institute of Freiburg, Brisgovia, and the Kennedy Institute of Ethics (Georgetown University, Washington, DC).

Research Activity. Research focused on topics regarding the Criminal Law Dogmatic (i.e., the theory of prohibition error, of consent, the dangerousness of action, the painful and imprudent type, of the crimes of action and commission and omission, causality and objective accusations, capacity for guilt, typical behaviours of conscience), Criminal dangerousness and Criminal Law, Criminal Law and modern information and communication technology, Criminal Law and Biomedicine, Law, Genetics and Biotechnology, among others.

Head of several research projects (some of them undergoing), under the charge of the Ministries of Education and Science, Health and Consumption, and Science and Innovation, of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Basque Government (14 in total) and the European Commission (Spanish coordinator on fifteen; general coordinator or IP on one) and collaborator on another 8. With the Europe Council, he was part of a collective project on Le Medecin et les Droits de l'Homme (CEDAM, Padova, 1990), and he was director and general speaker at the XXII European Law Symposium on 'Criminal and Civil Liability of the Professional' (La Laguna, 1992).

Recognised for five six-year periods of research (1976/2005) by the National Research Activity Evaluation Commission. In addition, the University of the Basque Country has recognised him for nine periods of teaching, research and service activity (the maximum established, 2000). And the Basque Agency UNIQUAL has ratified the maximum level (A2, 2008).

Teaching Activity. Regularly gives courses on Criminal Law, General and Special Parts, Genetics and Criminal Law, Bioethics, Law and the Human Genome, Cyber crime. He has been recognised for thirty years of teaching.

Professional Training and Experience in Distance and Virtual Teaching: training as an on-line teaching Professor and tutor recognised by the University of the Basque Country. Co-director, Coordinator (Law Module) and Professor for the online Interuniversity Master in Bioethics (3rd ed., 2008/09; five Universities: UPV, ULL, ULPGC, UZ and URV) and he gives several courses at the Virtual Campus of the University of the Basque Country and the G9 (since 2001). Frequently participated in graduate courses in virtual and live platforms, in UNED radio and television sessions.

Participated in European and international post-graduate and quality programmes. He has been a member (2. Gutachten) of three evaluation committees of four doctoral theses in Germany (Promotionen, Univ. Lüneburg, 2004, 2005, 2009 and Univ. of Halle-Wittenberg, 2007) and one in Brazil (PUC Belo Horizonte, 2007), and president or member of 30 in Spanish universities. Invited or visiting Professor at several European, Latin American and Asian Universities, where he has taught degree and graduate degree classes (Univ. Trent, Luneburg, Jena; Los Andes, Externado y Javeriana de Bogota, Catholic University of Chile, PUC Minas Gerais of Belo Horizonte, Ciudad Juarez, National University of Quito, University of Buenos Aires, Salta, Attorney General of Mexico DF; Public University of Chennai--Madras, Loyola University of Chennai).

Participates in the UPV Multilingualism Plan with a class on Free Choice offered in English (2008/-).

Directed fifteen doctoral theses and co-directed another two.

Activities as an Expert, Consultant and Assessor. He collaborated and currently collaborates as an expert with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health and Public Safety, WHO, UNESCO, European Council and the European Commission (several General Directorships). Scientific Advisor of the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research and of the Community of Trent, evaluator of the National Agency of Prospective Evaluation (ANEP, since 1999), of the FIS (1995/98), member of the Legal Advisory Committee of the National Research Activity Evaluation Committee (CNEAI, 1998/00) and ANECA (2005; and 2008/-, Academia Programme).

By invitation of the European Commission and the European Council, he was part of the group of advisors to assist the Ministry of Justice and the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Albania in writing the new Criminal Code and the Law of Criminal Procedure, in the framework of the “Task Force Albania” Programme (1993/95). Author of a confidential report on “Shortcomings in the Functioning of the Judicial System in Spain” by commission from the Council of Europe. Again advisor for the Criminal Code of Montenegro by commission from the Council of Europe (2008).

Author of a draft for the current Law on Organ Removal and Transplant of 1979, and collaborated on this issue with the Ministry of Health and C (preparation of RDs 480/1980 and 2070/1999). Formed part of the Working Group in this Ministry to prepare the Draft for the Law on Biomedical Research of 2007, for which he collaborated on writing the synthesis, advising the Senate. Advised on the Draft of the new Law on Assisted Reproduction Techniques, in both cases in representation of the Ministry of Justice, which he also advised on the Criminal Code Project of 2006.

Member of the National Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction by proposal of the Autonomous Communities (1997/2003) and of the Ministry of Justice (2004/2007, after personal resignation), Former president of the Ethics Committee of Clinical Research of the Canary Islands Service Hospital of S/C of Tenerife (1995/00) and member of the Ethics Advisory Committee on Science and Technology of the Government, assigned to the Ministry of Science and Technology (2002/05).

Member of the following bodies:
  • The Farmaindustria Standard Code on Personal Data Protection in pharmacovigilance and clinical research Monitoring Committee.
  • The Commission on Guarantees concerning the Donation and Use of Human Cells and Tissues (2004/-).
  • Steering Committee on Bioethics (Office of Legal Affairs) from the Council of Europe (2006/-).
  • Advisory Committee on Ethics from the International Human Genome Organization (HUGO) (2005/).
  • Bioethics Committee of Spain and its Permanent Commission (2008/-) and of the Bioethics Committee of the Basque Country ( 2008/-).
  • European Research Area Board (ERAB) of the European Commission (European Science and Research Commission), to advise on policies on science and research (2008/-).

President of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Basque Country Autonomous Community (2005/-).

Personal advisor to the Minister of Health and Consumption on Law and Bioethics (2005/07).

Several appearances on Commissions or Speeches before the Congress and the Senate and Mixed Committees (five since 1979), with proposals for legal reforms, including the Criminal Code, before the French Assembly and the Uruguayan Congress.

Conferences. He has been invited to participate in several national and international Conferences, Seminars and Symposia in Spain, Europe (A, B, CH, D, DK, F, Gr, HU, I, IR, N, NL, P, R. Czech, Turk., UK), Asia (IND, ISR, JAP, THAI), Africa (EGY, MA), North America (CAN, USA) and Latin America (AR, BR, CO, CHI, CR, EQ, MX, PE, UR); was organiser or director for some of them.

Has given private seminars to H.M. Queen Sofia. Institute of Spain (1995 and 1997).

Collaborated with the Academia Pontificia de Ciencias (Vatican City) as an organiser and speaker in two sessions (1993 and 1994), as co-editor of a book (1996) and as co-author of two books (1996, 1997).

Member of the scientific, editorial or writing committee of scientific Spanish, European and Latin American (22) Journals, as well as advisor to several Scientific Associations and Institutions (19).

Collaborates with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the Basque Data Protection Agency, the Carlos III Health Institute, Basque Foundation of Biomedical research.

Awards and Distinctions. Recipient of Extraordinary Awards of Doctor in Laws (1981), from the Royal Academy of Medicine of Saragossa (1983), International of the Science of Man (Barcelona, 1985) and Fundesco Essay Award (Madrid, 1987), Grupo Santander-UD (2006).

Corresponding member of the Saragossa Royal Academy of Medicine.

Honorary Professor at the National Higher University of San Marcos, Lima.

He has been bestowed with doctor honoris causa from six Universities: Private University of Tacna, National University of San Agustin de Arequipa, Catholic University of Santa Maria de Arequipa, University of La Laguna (Tenerife), Private University of Moquegua, Peru, and PUC Minas University, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Publications. He has authored (20), co-authored (50), and edited or coordinated several books (150) and numerous articles (more than 220), published in different countries and in seven languages (more than sixty works).

Among the books he has authored, the following can be pointed out: Los trasplantes de órganos. Informe y documentación para la reforma de la legislación española sobre trasplantes de órganos (Barcelona, 1979), El Médico y el Derecho Penal I, (Barcelona, 1981), El Médico ante el Derecho (la responsabilidad penal y civil del médico) (Madrid, 1985), Peligrosidad y Derecho Penal preventivo (Barcelona, 1986), Poder Informático y Seguridad Jurídica (Madrid, 1988), International Encyclopedias of Law/Medical Law. Spain (Deventer, 1994, co-author with Profs. Hernández Plasencia and Sola Reche), El Derecho y la Bioética ante los límites de la vida humana, (Madrid, 1994), Del Gen al Derecho (Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia, 1996; also published in Portuguese in Sao Paulo, 1999). Los genes y sus leyes, (Granada-Bilbao, 2002) (also published with a different structure as Genética y Derecho, Buenos Aires, 2003; pending publication and accepted in German -Nomos Verlag-, English -Bruylant, Bruselas- and Portuguese -Ed. Mandamentos, Belo Horizonte), Los delitos contra la vida y la integridad personal y relativos a la manipulación genética (Granada, 2003), Las transformaciones del Derecho Penal en un mundo en cambio, 2 vols.(Arequipa, 2004), Los delitos de descubrimiento y revelación de secretos (Valencia, 2004), Conducta peligrosa e imprudencia en la sociedad de riesgo (Granada, 2005). also published in the Collection coordinated by Moisés Moreno and Clemente Valdés, Coyoacán Publishers, (Mexico DF 2007), La estructura del dolo (México DF, 2009), Genética, Biotecnología y Ciencias Penales, PUC Javeriana e Ibáñez (Bogotá, 2009).

He is Co-director of the “Comments on Criminal Law”, published by Tirant lo Blanch Publishers.

Director of the following journals and collections of monographs: "Law and the Human Genome Review / Revista de Derecho y Genoma Humano" (half-yearly, bilingual, 33 issues published) of the "Perspectivas de Derecho y Genoma Humano" Newsletter (half-yearly, in Spanish, Basque and English, 16 issues published); collections: "Centro de Estudios Criminológicos de la Universidad La Laguna" (1995-97), "Estudios de Derecho Penal y Criminología" (112 vols. published) and "Biblioteca de Derecho y Ciencias de la Vida" (33 vols. published), both by Comares Publishers; and monographs of the Interuniversity Department on Law and the Human Genome (23 vols. published). Director of the “ Enciclopedia de Bioderecho y Bioética” published by Comares in collaboration with Roche Institute.

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