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Más allá de la salud. Intervenciones de mejora en humanos
The outstanding advances of this century in the field of biomedical sciences and biotechnology promise a new Medicine, known as “perfective”, which goes beyond traditional medicine based only on a clinical-preventive function. This raises new ethical reflections and questions for the society and a need for legal decisions with new and diverse point of views, some even from the framework of fundamental rights. In this context, four factors of special consideration are provided: human dignity, the right to personal identity, autonomy and equality.

In this monograph the debate on human enhancement is treated from different points of view or fields, such as, the cognitive improvements and mental modifications, the liberal prenatal changes and the best known and widespread, this is, the physical improvements and modifications, not only for aesthetic purposes, but especially with eugenic purposes or to participate with lead in competitive sports. The authors of this monograph have devoted their analysis to these matters, from different points of view: scientific, political, ethical and in particular, legal, with special consideration to human rights.


PREFACE. Carlos María Romeo Casabona

Implicaciones éticas y jurídicas de las intervenciones de mejora en humanos. Reflexión general
Luis González Morán

¿Mejores que quién? Intervenciones de mejora, derechos humanos y discriminación
Carlos Lema Añón

Consideraciones jurídicas sobre los procedimientos experimentales de mejora (enhancement) en neurociencias
Carlos María Romeo Casabona

Implicaciones jurídicas de los análisis genéticos preimplantacionales
Itziar Alkorta Idiakez

Régimen jurídico de la prevención y control del dopaje en el deporte
José Bermejo Vera

Mejoramiento genético y deporte
José Luis Pérez Triviño

Medicamentos de mejora
Mariano Avilés Muñoz


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