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The Chair is undertaking several research projects, some in collaboration with EU community work groups and some with foreign groups of several continents.

At this time, the fields of research with priority, in which several doctoral thesis are being undertaken, are the following:

Personalized medicine and genetic counseling
Assisted reproduction
Biosecurity, bioterrorism, defense against biological, chemical, nuclear or radiological emergencies
Treatment of health and genetic personal data
Ethical and legal implications of rare diseases, in particular, interest in the right to cross-border healthcare and the creation of networks of experts
Doping and sport medicine
Conflicts of identity from the techno-genetic
International and Comparative Law on the human genome and biotechnologies
Fundamental Rights and Genetics. Eugenics
Criminal Law and Genetics
The Genome and Health (clinical genetic analysis; genomics and gene therapy)

Legal Statute of the human embryo (therapy and research with embryonic cells)
Biotechnology and Patent Law
Biological Samples and Bio-banks
Biotechnology and the Environment (genetically modified organisms)
Law and Medicine

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