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Los nuevos horizontes de la investigación genética
The giddy progress in the field of biomedical sciences, principally in the branch of genetics, is a true milestone in scientific history, when we consider the implications of this research for human beings. The Human Genome Project is examplary within the current lines of genetic research.

The ethical dilemma that surrounds genetic research arises from a dichotomy between the benefits that it can offer humanity, fundamentally within the field of health, and the likliehood of it being abused to achieve purly financial or discrininatory ends. Therefore, scientific liberty is morally justified insofar as the consequences of its use, beyond its benefits to humanity, fall within ethical boundaries.

This monograph dicusses several topics that are especially relevant to scientific research in general, and to genetic research in particular: an approximation of its concept and principles, the current state of reflection regarding its clinical application (pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics), the fundamental right to scientfic research and its impact on intelectual property rights, as well as the fundamental role of Research Ethics Committees. In turn it also demands solutions to possible conflicts of interests arising from such heady progress, which involve scientific, ethical, legal, social and financial points of view.


Preface. Carlos María Romeo Casabona

The concept of scientific research
Lisa Bortolotti

Secuenciación del genoma. Aplicaciones diagnósticas. Farmacogenética
Javier Benítez Ortiz

Investigación y experimentación como objetos del derecho fundamental a la investigación científica
Ricardo Chueca Rodríguez

Los derechos sobre los resultados de la investigación genética
Manuel Illescas Taboada

Evaluación de estudios genéticos por un Comité Ético de Investigación Clínica.
Iciar Alfonso Farnós

La multidisciplinariedad como método de investigación científica: su proyección en la relación entre ciencias empíricas y sociales
Miguel Moreno Muñoz

La metodología interdisciplinar en el Derecho relativo a la Ciencia y a la Tecnología
Íñigo de Miguel Beriain

Ethics and the European Commission. The importance of ethical and legal aspects in the evaluation and subsequent funding of research projects
Peteris Zilgalvis


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